Monday, March 30, 2009


THE SUN IS OUT, BUT IT'S ONLY 43 DEGREES & I'M THE KIND OF GIRL THAT UNLESS IT'S ABOVE 70 I'M ALWAYS COLD :) SO I'M TRYING TO PLAN MY NEXT BIG EVENT, THE MAY GARAGE SALES :) so all you junkin' girls & guys,mark your calendar for may 30th as the whole town is having garage sales, which
i'm in charge of. my yard will be a one woman flea market with architecture,
quilts, furniture, pieces of this & that, whatever i pull out of my buildings,
attic, basement and around the house,keep in mind that it's a 15 room house &
filled with goodies that i switch around & rearrange all the time, after all,
that's my business; stager, decorator, prop mistress, trash to treasurer :) you
won't be sorry you came; trust me neither will i LOL, we'll also be serving food in a bistro style setting, so bring your appetite & maybe i'll even make my famous italian lemonade!COME DOLCI!

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