Monday, March 31, 2014


RIGHT IN MY OWN BACKYARD "The best decorating comes from not planning, just doing." even though I dreaded cleaning out my "getaway" building; when stepping into it, I could "smell" work! The building had leaked and sunk, so the floor was on dirt and rotting. I emptied it out and tore out the floor and walls, of which the walls were a lovely white washed bead board. I then built a new floor out of decking boards and 6x6 beams! I whitewashed the entire inside and put in a vent for air circulation and another cute little window that slides up and down that will let more air in! Then came the fun part of decorating; since I didn't put up walls this time, I could make shelves in between the 2x4's; then I put two sets of shutters up and built two closets. I put together pieces and parts of a daybed and put it in there with a daybed cover from the 40's that I bought in Connecticut (where else)! The back of the daybed is an old piano front that I hung on the wall; I also put a small table that I made out of old table legs and a board from a dropleaf table; this is where I plan to write! I had a large old green storage box with a lid that I can hide "stuff' in. Since I'm swimming in mantels, I put one in there with an electric fireplace for atmosphere! I also cornered a tall barn red cupboard in there, too so I could store my childhood books: Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden, (they even smell authentic); now I guess you know how old I am! As I was putting them in order, I scanned a few and got interested again, so I am now currently reading "the Mystery at the Mansion"! now I know where I get my ideas of "getaways" at! The best getaway destination is closer than you think! As a child I always dreamed of my own little place to hide, in my case it was the fruit cellar in my basement, where I wrote on the back of the door "no boys aloud" not much of a speller then, but later I won two spelling bees! I use to make tents over clotheslines and put blankets over tables. In the winter I would take out a bucket and compact it with snow and make igloos; that didn't last long because I wasn't a winter person and I'm still not! I always wanted a tree house, but that didn't happen either; although I would climb my cousins cherry tree and read, we each had our own branch! So, I guess you could say I'm trying to relive my childhood dream of getting lost and not being bothered, so I can catch up on my reading! i also dream of living in France! SUMMER IS MORE THAN A SEASON, THE DAYS ARE LONG, THE GARDEN IS IN BLOOM AND THE HEAT MAKES IT THE PERFECT TIME TO PRACTICE RELAXING. * YOU CAN EASILY CREATE AN ILLUSION OF AN INDOOR ROOM ON YOUR PORCH WITH PANELS OF SHEER CURTAINS. ADD TRACKING AROUND THE CEILING TO ALLOW YOU TO ADJUST THE CURTAINS AS THE LIGHT CHANGES. * SEVERAL 30 INCH CONCRETE PAVERS PLACED IN THE YARD MAKE AN INSTANT, QUICK .PATIO. * FAST GROWING EVERGREENS AND SHRUBS PLANTED CLOSE TOGETHER, CREATE A LIVING WALL THAT SHIELDS PRIVACY, WHILE LETTING IN BREEZES AND A VIEW. * BECOMING VERY POPULAR, AN OUTDOOR FIREPLACE CHASES AWAY THE CHILL ON COOL NIGHTS AND CREATES A FOCAL POINT WHERE THERE OTHERWISE WOULD BE NONE. * PILLOWS AND CUSHIONS IN SUN RESISTANT FABRIC SOFTEN WOODEN FRAMED FURNITURE. * IF YOU HAVE A METAL TABLE WITH A GRILLWORK TOP, YOU CAN PUT DIRT ON TOP OF IT AND PLANT SEDUMS AND HENS AND CHICKS OR RYE GRASS FOR A LIVING TABLE! * TO KEEP YOUR GARDEN SAFE FROM CRITTERS: SPRINKLE CAYENNE PEPPER ONTO THE SOIL TO KEEP RABBITS AND CATS FROM DIGGING. * SCARE BIRDS OFF WITH CD'S BY HANGING THEM FROM THREAD STRETCHED ACROSS THE GARDEN. * CRUSH A FEW CLOVES OF GARLIC INTO A BUCKET OF WATER, LET IT STEEP OVERNIGHT THEN SPRITZ OVER PLANTS AND MOST PESTS WON'T COME NEAR THEM. * PLANT SAGE AND LAVENDER TO DETER SQUIRRELS FROM ENTERING YOUR VEGETABLE GARDEN. * WHEN CHOOSING COLOR DON'T BE AFRAID TO GO BOLD AND BRIGHT. * WHATEVER COLORS YOU'RE USING, COMBINE FABRICS, PATTERNS TEXTURES TO CREATE DEPTH AND INTEREST. * PICK A COLOR AND REPEAT IT THROUGHOUT THE HOUSE; REPETITION IS PLEASING TO THE EYE. * LASTLY, FOR SEVERAL COLOR CHOICES, GO TO THE HOME STORE AND PICK UP PAINT CHIPS IN MANY COLORS TO GIVE YOU MANY IDEAS FOR COLOR AND FUTURE DECORATING.

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