Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Why do I have sporadic Sales & why I don't have shop hours?
Answer: If I had a 9-5 shop, then who would make & paint all the goods that I offer? I very seldom buy all ready made items from another venue. I like that when a person shops here, they can pretty much get a unique one of a kind piece that they won"t see at their friends house.

why am I so cheap?
answer: I like my "peeps" to be able to buy more than one item & feel like they got their moneys worth & are able to decorate a room for under $100 & get a bigger bang for their buck. I like that I have repeat customers that luv my re purpose style, whether it be cottage or antiques and when they buy more at an affordable price I can rebuild my inventory & have "fresh" junque for the next sale.

Will I be having more sales in 2017?
answer: yes, I am going to try to have "pop up" sales at times, they may be last minute, but the goods will be just as great :)

What are the new styles & colors for the new year?
Answer:  so excited about the new colors being the colors I've been using......more grey is in my future & different shades of green & aqua and apple green, where have you been? I've been using this color for years!! also burgundy, blues, browns.

indoor plants



wood tile


farmhouse style.....still in

more color

quirky lighting

beach design whether you live near the beach or not

     I would like to point out my selling policy: There are no saves on items and no assurance that it will be here when you get here. Pieces are sold on a first come first served basis! I can't in all fairness, hold something when you can't pick up for a week, when someone comes the next day & wants said item. I apologize for this "rule", but I guess that's why I'm the CEO of me ;)
     I post my weekend finds on my facebook page (click here ) & most are for sale, some I keep for myself but are eventually for sale at a later date, (I need to decorate to).
    I buy what I like & like what I buy, so I have the same passion as you about certain items that are "keepers". I need props to store stuff on & in. Most is for sale, so there is plenty to choose from......I luv my peeps that understand my quirky policy :)
   When I "fluff" up my home, that is the time to come to my sale March & June with June being the "BIG SALE" the whole town can participate as it is the annual town sales, this year: June 10th at 9am - ??? TENTATIVE SALE DATE FOR MARCH IS EITHER THE 18TH OR 25TH DEPENDING ON WEATHER......THE BUILDINGS ARE GETTING FULL FAST!!!!

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