Thursday, March 11, 2010


A great dining room for entertaining will get off to a great start if you have these great decorating elements:

* ambient lighting, candles gussied up with inexpensive, ribbons, jewels, candle sticks

* comfortable chairs with washable slip covers

* great silverware & napkin rings

* other lighting such as a chandelier, bejeweled, vined or a tabletop version

* ironstone plates in white that don’t take
away from the decorations on the table.

* a large enough table to spread out the “spread” & decorate with vintage elements dishes, glasses etc.

* if you don’t have a personal piece, that
knocks your socks off, just go to a flea
market or antique shop or auction & buy a piece, that over time will mean a lot to you.

I have always tried to create for my clients, what I also like & feel
comfortable with. I love creating instant memories with precious mementos of my clients that evoke an instant memory when looked at.

* choose one special large piece that
stands out but isn’t overwhelming.

* something that creates a focal point, like a great fireplace mantel, sideboard or amazing painting or wall hanging

* Blend bright with muted colors in and around the room with different patterns that reflect your personality.

* a room should revolve around your
favorite colors. White is my favorite color
but I punch it up with reds, mustards, brown, tans.

* some bright colors such as apple green, red, dark blue, robins egg blue, yellow , heightens the senses, makes you happy & smile & feel good…..ready to start the day.

* if you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can make curtains & slipcovers & chair pads out of old tablecloths from the 50’s & pretty sheets ala Martha stewart. if you’re not handy with a sewing machine, I know some great shortcuts with a glue gun & duct tape! look that's easy to keep fresh, opt for easy-care synthetic-cotton blends.

* to get that worn, washed lived in look with newer fabric you can tea stain or rit dye “ecru” them.

* buying unfinished furniture & painting it yourself is much more cost effective than buying it all ready painted & if you like it rough, you can beat it up in varying degrees of “primitiveness”

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My Vintage Treasures said...

Great Tips!!! I have this huge wall in our family room that just confuses me & I'm afraid to mess up, so it's bare :(