Friday, April 9, 2010

BEING A BOOMER MEANS..............................

* being a boomer means realizing you're now the age your parents were when you thought they were getting old.

*You see yourself as early middle aged since old age now begins around 75

*being asked what you're going to do with the second half of your life while you're wondering whatever happened to the first.

*you still think "turn of the century" refers to your grandparents in 1901.

*WAching the 5:00 news, followed by the 5:30 news, then the 6:00 news, and finally the 10:00 evening news and still wondering what's going on in the world.

*thinking you're young enough to try anything,
Except maybe skateboarding.

*You would downsize but only to a more expensive neighborhood.

*ou have at least one cell phone and two or three landline phones-and you can't find any of them.

*you see absolutely no reason you have to look your age.

*you dress stunningly similarly to your kids. Even if they're still in their teens.

*being rattled when a stranger calls you "ma'am" or "sir.-

*making a life list of things you still want to accomplish. And then panicking because, well, the clock is ticking.

*thinking you're just a little too old to be called a "baby" boomer.

*you are part of the first generation that knew what to do with cilantro.

* you would ingest anything, but now you eat organic.

* looking at an old Volkswagen painted with flowers and not seeing a junk car, but a lovely memory.

* Being a boomer means thinking you're just a little too old to be called a "baby" boomer.

from the book: 1001 ways it means to be a baby boomer

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