Saturday, April 5, 2014


* WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE A LONG MATCH, USE A PIECE OF SPAGHETTI; IT LIGHTS EASY. * WRAP A PAPER TOWEL AROUND BOTTLES OF OIL TO KEEP THEM FROM DRIPPING IN YOUR CUPBOARD, SECURE WITH A RUBBER BAND. * TO MAKE YOUR OWN LINEN spray fill a spray with warm water and 20 drops of essential oil; you can also use this for air freshener. * Natural wood floors can be cleaned with black tea. Let it steep and reach room temperature. Dip a mop or soft cloth into the mixture, and ring it out well. * If you’re pukey feeling  & you have an upset stomach nibble on a York peppermint patty.
  * clear up a cold sore with pure 1 anti bacterial Hand geL * soothe a sore throat with Hershey's syrup, it coats the throat and adds protection to your scratchy throat. * To heal paper cuts, rub Chap Stick over the cut. * For insomnia, try a teaspoon of honey an hour before bedtime. This acts as a sedative to the nervous system. (Honey should not be given to children under one year.) * to kill fleas in carpeting, pour one tablespoon dawn dishwashing liquid into a 16 ounce spray bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with water, shake well and spray the carpet, upholstery and floors. The soap dries up the insects, killing them almost instantly. After fifteen minutes, wipe the floors with a damp towel and vacuum the carpet. * SOAK SOILED DENIM JEANS IN COLA FOR TWENTY MINUTES BEFORE WASHING, TO LOOSEN DIRT AND SCHMOOTZ!
  * IF chlorinated water has washed out your blond hair, rinse with club soda to neutralize and restore hair color. " HAS YOUR PET HAD A RUN IN WITH A SKUNK? DESKUNK HIM BY BATHING HIM IN COLA. * RUB INSECT STINGS WITH A BAR OF SOAP TO RELIEVE ITCHING.

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