Sunday, June 18, 2017


I can't believe that some people think that a few miles is too far to go for a bargain & the chance to get 50-75% off of retail *(why I'm so cheap, see below).
    I travel 540 miles not expecting to find anything, but hoping..........& make the best of the trip if I don't find anything. Yes I'm talking about the "Elephants Trunk" flea market in New Milford, CT. We've been going there since 1976 & it never disappoints. I love the drive & the stops along the way. We were even in one episode zooming along with my pimped out flea cart........YES, I MAKE THOSE TOO!!I'm about due to make some more...

It's not the destination, it's the journey & getting to spend time talking, eating & laughing along the way is fun in itself.
     I had my big sale June 10th & early buyers June 9th & a wonderful gal from North Carolina drove 6 hours just for the sale. I was hoping that my sale would be everything she expected it to be & it looked like it was. She drove a full size van & a pull behind  trailer, she ran around grabbing everything she could in the pandemonium of the early buyers.

I am currently replenishing for a sale of the Lincoln highway buy way sales Aug. 10, 11, & 12.....**NOTE** I will only be doing the saturday Aug 12th if it doesn't rain because I will be travelling it the other 2 days ;)
    Before the Aug sale I will be going to CT & hopefully NC for some peaches. After the lincoln highway sales I will be in Bouckville, NY.....another adventure.
     I love to whitewash everything so no one can complain that it won't go with their color decor. Sometimes I do gray & aqua......even apple green, but for the most part it's whitewash.
      I also have my own line of chalk paint  &  "CIAO BELLA"© clothesline  with vintage lace accents.

I make leather cuffs

junque jewel hand stamped necklaces

     I also like to make farm tables out of  pieces/parts of vintage wood......doors/ legs etc. I had a french day bed that I deconstructed & painted the legs aqua, put out for sale twice & no one bought it & it was super cheap, so I not only reclaimed it, I claimed it as my own & now it's in my sunroom.


* why is Gioni so "cheap"/inexpensive?? because I like it when my peeps buy in quantity not one item at a time. I like to move my inventory FAST so I can bring out & work on more. I hate looking at stuff for a long time, so it's time to "MOVE THAT MERCHANDISE" & my "peeps" never disappoint in helping me clear out for another junking adventure.
       So if you live far from me, it's worth the trip.....I'd even travel that far LOL.......bring your trucks & trailers, my sales are few & far between, so when I say "FLASH" don't blink because it is.
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