Monday, April 7, 2014


I am an Italian Junque Girl that was taught early to make do with what you have or get creative & make it your own. When I was 14 I loved to read & still do. I had so many books I needed a bookcase, so I went down the basement & grabbed some wood & nailed it to death, it was wobbly but I found the more I loaded it with books, the sturdier it became. That has been my "speech" when someone comes to buy a table from me & it's a little wobbly, I tell them to load it up & it will be sturdier; funny but it's true :)

My home is an 1835 Victorian Italianate, that has the greatest architecture. I'd love to tear it off & repurpose it! I have spent 29 years here updating & redoing not only my home but furniture & junque.

I love the quirkiness of odd angles & it shows in my repurposing techniques which I call "Folk Art". I love the cottage look along with primitives in their natural patina, but if the wood looks less than appealing, I have no problem painting it with my line of chalk paint sold at a fraction of the popular named chalk paint.

I can't get enough of chippy paint, barn doors, old Victorian doors, drawers, buffets & the not so desirable "blond" furniture. I make upcycled jewelry "junque jewels" from pieces parts of vintage jewelry that is broken, rhinestones, silverware & french charms. I luv invading barns & creating with rust artifacts.

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